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Islamic Resource Centre

      An important and powerful medium of knowledge and information is the education of reading and writing. This powerful medium is today divided into print media and electronic media. But now days the electronic media is dominating the print media to attract and influence the minds of people. Anyhow the important of the print media is not decreasing, but it is increasing day by day by growing the number of books and magazines.

This powerful medium of knowledge is informed us by our Creator and the Lord of universe through His last scripture, The Holy Qur'an. Qur'an mentioned this fact in its first and foremost revelation as "Read in the name of your Lord." (87:1). That is why the Islamic literature of thousands of books was produced and being produced in various languages of the world.

But today most of the Islamic literature is in Arabic, Urdu, Persian, and English languages. No sufficient literature is available in other languages. In India also sufficient literature is not available in regional languages. Hence Islamic Resource Centre (IRC) was established for preparing the Islamic literature in Telugu language.

QuranBhavamrutham (Telugu Quran with meaning) Hadees Hithoktulu (Hadeeth Pearals in telugu) Mahaneeya Muhammad Adarsya Jeevitham (Ideal life of Prophet Muhammad The great) Furqan Bhavamrutham  (Topic wise Qur'an meaning in Telugu) Ramazan Ashayalu (The Objectives of Ramazaan) Paraloka Prasthanam (Journey of the Hear after life) Dhana Vikendreekarana (Decentralisation of Wealth) Muslim Mahila (Muslim Woman) Kaaba Sandesam (The message of Kaaba) Shaanthi-Samaram-Nyaayam (Peace, War and Justice) Dampathya Jeevitham (Married Life) Islam Bodhanalu (Teachings of Islam) Suvarna Sooktulu (Golden words of Islam) Aatma Katha (The Story of Soul) Pariksha Prapancham (The World of Test) EkaDaivaradhana (Oneness of God) Islam Pilupu (Islam Calls You) Viswasi Gunaganalu (Qualities of the believers Telugu) Maseeh mouwood (Promissed Messaiah) Samaikyata Sodara Bhavalu (Milli Integration) PralayaSanketalu (The signs on doom day) Namaz in Telugu, Namaz in Islam Antima Daiva Grandham (Final Scripture - Telugu) Dasula Hakkulu (Human Rights in Islam Telugu) Ghora Paapaalu (Severe Sins - Telugu) Tib-e-Nabavi (s) Pravakta (s) Vaidyam (Telugu) Dharani Taaralu (Telugu)(Seerath-as-Sahaaba) Islam Charitra (Islamic History-I)